jonathan alexander

and jackie rhodes

We have been presenting and publishing together in the field of rhetoric/composition for over a decade. Drawing on our separate interests in writing studies, media, sexuality studies, literacy, and cultural studies, we focus our mutual projects on the study of the construction and rhetorical movement of complex, multimodal texts. How and why do we compose multimodally? How is such composition both indicative and constitutive of embodiment and embodied experiences and knowledges? How is the experience of composition always already multimodal, drawing on and sculpting resources of psyche and soma—and, knowing that, what compositional practices might foster a more capacious and conscious experience of self, subject, collective, and polis?


In approaching questions, we work in multiple media, including the scholarly essay, web-based multimedia, conference performances, and immersive installations. Throughout, we foreground embodied experience as a powerful way of knowing. At times provocative, our work has been recognized and showcased at conferences and in online publications, where the multimodal range of our scholarship might best be appreciated.


Writing through the body, worlding our words ...

We are available for joint presentations, performances, and installations.

Please contact us to make arrangements.